We develop brands from the inside, out.

The Inside

Discover your brand’s reach, audience, market, purpose, and beliefs. How we develop brands is grounded in where that brand will live and who it will interact with. If you already have some of this information, we can leverage that too.

We gather and develop this foundation with:

  • Brand awareness studies
  • Audience insights
  • Market research
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Positioning
  • Brand pillars


The Outside

Define the brand with a strategic identity.

If you have a brand that doesn’t properly represent your business, or you have no brand at all yet, these are things we can help you with:

  • Voice and tone
  • Expressions (tagline, key marketing points)
  • Visual identity
  • Campaign concepts
  • Copywriting
  • Brand partnership approach
  • Content strategy


Ongoing Support

If you’re the Founder of a small business, or leading a team at a larger company, we offer select clients:

  • Brainstorms & workshops
  • Strategy advisement
  • Oversight of Brand implementations

UNICEF USA—Solving a (Nearly) Impossible Fundraising Challenge

  • Comms Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design
  • Comms Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design

Fundraising for a Cause Before It Exists
When you hear the name UNICEF USA, you probably don’t imagine they would have any fundraising challenges. After all, the globally recognized organization has been providing humanitarian aid to children since 1946.

But there was one particular area where fundraising was a challenge for them, and that was with corporate partners during times of emergency. The thing is, fundraising from partners takes time, and time is the one thing that you don’t have when emergencies strike.

Key Insight

5 out of 5 corporations reach out to existing partners when emergencies strike.

A Critical Finding
We started by surveying major existing and prospective corporate partners to better understand their thinking and behaviors during this time. The findings were critical in the ultimate approach that we took.

First, we validated that corporations typically respond to emergencies that are relevant to their brand or mission. If a company has an office in a city where a disaster occurs, they’re naturally going to want to respond to it.

We also learned that all corporations did the same exact thing when wanting to respond to an emergency: they reach out to their current non-profit partners first.

Stop Pitching
It became clear that our strategy had to be rooted in developing relationships with corporations before emergencies strike. That way, when emergencies did occur, UNICEF USA would be top of mind. They also had to be developed with a wide range of corporations—UNICEF’s way of casting a wide net since there’s no way to predict what emergency will strike next. 

This is how we came to the communications strategy: 

Don’t pitch. Develop, diversify, and scale partners.

Plan Ahead
A key approach to developing, diversifying and scaling partners was to create a communication tool that would enable the UNICEF USA team to inform prospective partners ahead of time as to how the organization responds to emergencies. 

We also developed actionable toolkits in order to streamline an entire team’s response when emergencies are happening. These tools allow existing partners of UNICEF USA to mobilize faster, hence the name: mobilizing kits. For prospective partners, they demonstrate how quickly gathering and implementing funds can be with UNICEF USA as their partner. 

These kits also ensure that all partners receive the same level of support, while setting a baseline that the emergency response team can measure and optimize against ongoing.

Mobilizing Kits—turn-key and customizable to allow for faster aid.

Without the services, support and professionalism of Martha, we simply would not be able to provide such high quality offerings for our corporate partners, and raise millions in revenue in times of emergencies.

Alex Woodhouse, Manager, Corporate Partnerships