We develop brands from the inside, out.

The Inside

Discover your brand’s reach, audience, market, purpose, and beliefs. How we develop brands is grounded in where that brand will live and who it will interact with. If you already have some of this information, we can leverage that too.

We gather and develop this foundation with:

  • Brand awareness studies
  • Audience insights
  • Market research
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Positioning
  • Brand pillars


The Outside

Define the brand with a strategic identity.

If you have a brand that doesn’t properly represent your business, or you have no brand at all yet, these are things we can help you with:

  • Voice and tone
  • Expressions (tagline, key marketing points)
  • Visual identity
  • Campaign concepts
  • Copywriting
  • Brand partnership approach
  • Content strategy


Ongoing Support

If you’re the Founder of a small business, or leading a team at a larger company, we offer select clients:

  • Brainstorms & workshops
  • Strategy advisement
  • Oversight of Brand implementations

I’m Marissa, the Founder of Martha.


I’ve often resisted a bio because my work has always been about focusing on something or someone else—a client, their business, the audience, a key market. Having my head deep in these things is necessary in order to achieve quality work that actually delivers. What I’ve learned is that much of why our work delivers is due to that focus. So, it seems a bit of background may be relevant after all.

I started out as a writer. Between a journalism degree and an editor position at a bio clinical trials magazine, asking questions and learning about new things at a considerable depth and in a very short amount of time, was my baseline. It turns out, this is also the baseline for defining a brand.

Listening is the most critical role that I play.

In the years to come, I’d work both agency and client side, launching and managing brands and their respective marketing touchpoints. From Vogue and Nike to pre-seed startups, I learned how powerful a brand was in the success or failure of a company and its initiatives.

A brand is the beating heart of a business. You know when that’s missing.

In 2015, I started Martha because something was missing. Hiring an agency meant big dollars and handing over an integral part of the business to an outside team, while bringing on freelancers meant hiring, onboarding, and managing people you only needed temporarily (and you may not have the expertise to manage). I built Martha to bridge that gap.

We’re a trusted, executive-level extension to your team.

Martha was also a selfish act. I wanted to focus my efforts on fewer clients. I wanted to work with clients that I knew would be able to carry out great work even after we parted. And I wanted to work with teams that weren’t just on the project for salary’s sake.

I wanted (us all) to have fun doing this work.

While I thought I was offering a slightly different business model, I would come to learn that I was actually offering a completely different experience for clients who were developing their brands.

One that’s grounded in listening, heart, trust, and fun.

Here are a few of my favorite things our clients have said about us:

Martha knows how to build the right team for the job and how to help guide particularly picky or indecisive clients through the branding process and ultimately toward the best outcomes.

I felt like I found somebody who really understood me on a business level, but also on a creative one.

Working with Martha not only made my brand better, but made me function better inside of it. Even years later, the work she did for us stands the test of time.

From strategic frameworks to detailed plans for execution, Marissa leaves no stone unturned and does so with kindness and character.